Photo essays of mountains

The holy mountain monks of Mount Athos – photo essay Each essay submitted should consist of two to five images. Mount Athos is the spiritual capital of the Orthodox Christian world, consisting of 20 monasteries and approximately 2,000 monks. Located on a Greek peninsula, it is home to the oldest surviving monastic community on Earth.

Photo essay • Mountain Women - Smoky Mountain Living Each week, I write about the science of behavior change and better ways to build habits. Smoky Mountain Living's readers shared their stories and images of mountain woman including family and friends—strong and independent.

Avoiding Regret Photo Essay Making a Mountain Out of a Hill NOMADS STILL MOVE THROUGH the steppe and mountain pastures of Central Asia, but just a few hours’ drive away, billions of dollars of oil and gas money have built extraordinary 21st-century cities, larger-than-life-sized golden statues, and ice palaces. The snows came down unexpectedly early, I was snowed in, and what should have been a two-week transit became a permanent stay. Those of us to aspire to anything beyond ourselves try to associate with those who inspire us, are smarter than us, make us want to be better.

Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition Banff Centre Kyrgyzstan straddles the Tien Shan and Pamir mountain ranges. We invited photographers to submit photo essays to illustrate their mountain related stories whether culture, adventure, wildlife, sport, environment, or natural history. The jury was seeking a sequence of images that conveys a compelling story or message.

Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition Banff Ninety-three percent of the country is mountainous, and a number of peaks are over 7,000m. The 2017 Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition will open in March - check back for details! The competition's goal is to showcase the best in.

Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition - Photocompete Last weekend I spent in my hometown Ålesund, combining a weekend with my family with a job meeting the two following days. Copyrht Entry in the competition allows photographs chosen as the winner or for special mention to be reproduced, published, and/or exhibited for promotional purposes, only as they pertain to the Banff Mountain Photo Essay Competition and Banff Mountain Festival.

Photo Essay Drokpa The Nomadic Mountain People of Tibet I had some great outdoor trips these days, and I will share some of the wonderful nature shts you can experience this wonderful city and its surroundings. Photographer Diane Barker captures the changes taking place for the nomadic mountain people of Tibet.

Photo Essay Mountain Oaks Resort, Abandoned & Illegally The first day we went on a sea rafting trip, speeding across the fjords from Ålesund to Øye. In the post-Prohibition, pre-Depression era 1920s, Mountain Oaks – at the end of New York Avenue just south of Crescenta Valley Park – was the site of a thriving "resort".which was rumored to be a cover for such illegal activities as gambling and drinking alcohol.and, generally, partying.

The mountains of Kyrgyzstan - Matador Network The most fascinating scenery starts as you enter the Hjørundfjord, and you move between the mhty steep mountains. Kyrgyzstan straddles the Tien Shan and Pamir mountain ranges. Opium poppies grow wild on the mountains' slopes. 15. Photo Essay.

Hiking in Colorado - Photo Essays In this lesson, students learn about the effects of relocation and modern technology on the traditional lifestyle of Tibetan nomads. Hiking in Colorado - Photo Essays - Colorado mountain hiking and trail photos.


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