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Struggling Ralph Lauren Tries to Fashion a Comeback - WSJ Now the financially-challenged global apparel and lifestyle brand is trying to follow suit and get leaner itself—while also plumping up its bank account. With Ralph Lauren's business faltering, new CEO Stefan Larsson. After Ralph Lauren hired him, Mr. Lauren made it clear he had no plans to.

What's Next for Ralph Lauren? - Bloomberg The company’s lower-end Polo and Lauren labels have been losing business to fast fashion retailers H&M and Zara. In the year ended April 2, Ralph Lauren’s profits fell more than 22% while the stock took a nearly 48% fall from its hh of 2.74 in December 2014. Though no one expects Ralph Lauren suddenly to morph into a fast-fashion business, it's that same sort of relevance that's needed for an aging.

Brandchannel Ralph Lauren Cuts Stores and Jobs to Revive Brand. Too many brands, too much competition from faster and leaner rivals. Now the company plans to save 0 million in the next 12 months by closing at least 50 stores and eliminating around 1,000 full-time staff positions, shoring up its war chest so it can invest where it matters. As its “Way Forward” business transformation plan outlined this week. “Our multi-year growth plan will lead Ralph Lauren – one of the few.

Sur Ralph Lauren Ralpauren.fr Ralph Lauren needs to start making money again, and CEO Stefan Larsson's plan to do it includes restructuring in a move aimed at saving 0 million over the next year. Ralpauren.fr/Maison

Ralph Lauren plans - The Business Journals It will mean closing at least 50 stores and cutting 8% of the full-time workforce, or about 1,000 employees, in order to create a leaner business that operates with fewer layers of management. Ralph Lauren Corp. whose new CEO Stefan Larsson took over the role from the company's namesake founder, is planning to cut 8 percent of.

Ralph Lauren to trim management, close stores - Ralph Lauren, a global leader in branded premium lifestyle products in apparel, home, accessories and fragrances, has endured and evolved since the 1967 founding of the eponymous company by American desner Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren plans to cut management, close stores Tuesday. "We see a really clear plan to tap into the company's business.

Ralph Lauren to cut jobs in the pursuit of profitability - Fashion news The company’s brands include Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Ralph Lauren Collection, Double RL, Ralph Lauren Black Label, Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Sport, Polo Ralph Lauren Children’s, Ralph Lauren Home, Lauren Ralph Lauren, RLX, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, American Living, Chaps and Club Monaco. Our multi-year growth plan will lead Ralph Lauren – one of the few truly. Ralph Lauren formulating new strategies for business to cut costs.

Ralph Lauren's “Way Forward” Draws Keen Interest RetailNext Ralph Lauren (RL) tumbled as much as 10% after predicting a plunge in sales this year, showing the challenges facing Chief Executive Officer Stefan Larsson as he tries to turn around the nearly 50-year-old brand. Will stakeholders have the patience to see the “Way Forward” plan through to completion? Ralph Lauren, one of the world's most iconic apparel company. others, effective execution will come with tough business decisions.

Struggling <em>Ralph</em> <em>Lauren</em> Tries to Fashion a Comeback - WSJ
What's Next for <em>Ralph</em> <em>Lauren</em>? - Bloomberg
Brandchannel <b>Ralph</b> <b>Lauren</b> Cuts Stores and Jobs to Revive Brand.

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