Write a homophone of the word dough

Suber & Thorpe, "An English Homophone Dictionary" For example, aisle and isle are pronounced the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings, as do their and there. Homophones are words of the same language that are pronounced alike even if they. Homonym is a somewhat looser term than homophone, sometimes referring to all. do "re, mi", doe, dough. rht -s, rite-s, wrht -s, write-s.

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Bouma compiled Erin How to Learn New Words If you want the definition of any of the words below just double click on the word. Answers 1. pane; 2. doe; 3. dough; 4. pain. Activity 2. Below are more sentences with homophones. Read each sentence. You carry sand or water in a pail. Activity 3. Finish each sentence with a homophone from the Word Box. Then write each word in the crossword puzzle.

List of English Homophones - Singularis Here’s a complete A-Z list that contains thousands of different homophones. Dew, due; die, dye; discreet, discrete; doe, doh, dough; done, dun; douse, dowse. retch, wretch; review, revue; rheum, room; rht, rite, wrht, write; ring, wring.

Homonyms, Homophones and Homographs VocabularySpellingCity We’ve included as many different homophones as we could find, but also have some guidelines you can read that explain how these words made it on to our list, as well as the reasons why some were left off. Homonyms, homophones and homographs can bring confusion to even adults and teachers! VocabularySpellingCity can help anyone master these word s. These words are a very common source of confusion when writing. List 1 throne, thrown, doe, dough, clothes, close, waist, waste, brake, break; List 2 cent.

Homophones Vocabulary Spelling City’s spelling lists will help students learn homonyms, homophones (sound-alike words), and homographs and have fun all at the same time! A homophone is a word that is pronounced and sounds the same as another word but is spelled differently and. bread, food made of dough, bred, brought forth.

Identify and define homophones; use homophones in Resources include printable worksheets, videos, online games, and various teaching strategies for Kindergarten through Hh School. Find the Correct Homophone Read definition of homophone; match words to make homophones. Varied Homonyms Use list of homonyms to write sentences teacher dictates. Write Homophones Correctly Complete sentence with correct homophone; write sentences.

Write Homophone of each Word Worksheet - Turtle Diary Here you can customize a unique lesson to illustrate homonyms vs homophones vs homographs. Download and print Turtle Diary's Write Homophone of each Word worksheet. Our large collection of ela worksheets are a great study tool for all ages. Write Homophone of each Word. Add to favorites. Rate Worksheet0 stars.

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